Founded in 1990 in New York City by David Metzger, Design This is experienced in interior, furniture, architectural design, and construction management.

Since relocating to the Hudson Valley, my focus is managing the design and construction of modern, low-maintenance, energy efficient homes. I take the normally opaque building process and bring it to light in a realistic and simple framework that includes budgeting, value-engineering, scheduling, and coordination. I emphasize site safety and craftsmanship and strive to produce homes with superior indoor air quality and a small footprint–both physically and ecologically.

I actively promote sustainability. All of my projects begin with careful site-plan analysis coupled with material appropriateness–with an eye toward locally sourced and/or reclaimed. I believe that careful attention to details will yield a home with an enduring life cycle and a relevance to its permanent place in the landscape.

My mission is for the finished home to be a part of a complete ecosystem, where the homeowners enjoy their integral role in sustaining and preserving the natural world.